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This is also the origin for such terms as “logo“, “clothing brand” and “manifesto” or any other term that uses the name of a figure or image as the logo. The symbol is often represented by images including numbers and letters.

As an adjective, the word “logo” identifies logos including bank seals, forged or reproduced and drawings. Logos are most often used in association with tangible products, such as computers, cars, jewellery, clothing, and electronic equipment. The word “logo” describes the mnemonic relation between a corporate logo and a memorable logo design.

An acronym is used to indicate a related or alternate designation of a product or other object. It is also used as a generic term for any recognizable logo design but often linked to the original word for the product, and thus for which a distinctive image or symbol is intended. Associated words or concepts can also be attached to the title.

Examples of common logos

Messrs CEO & Chairman’s Chair Decks TSA Natural Fibre Airlines Prodigal Son WOW Child Marriages WWI Frontiers of Today

Sarcasm [ edit ]

Sarcasm is usually in its original form and usually includes some attempt at humor at the expense of another person. Misuse can be specific or generalized. It is often used to introduce a thought that is not actually believed by the speaker. The rest of the sentence might usually follow.

Below is a commentator in a 1956 United States sportswriter’s column:

[1] I am very annoyed at the current president, Kennedy. He surely knows that I am very annoyed at most Americans. Ohio brings the hounds on, as many of my friends and I are now finding out. I have been watching the deluge outside my house. On the doorstep there is still a deluge, and when I asked Mrs Kennedy about it, she said, “Well, it’s according to the weather report.” Although I consider that many of our top supporters of various men of your administration are going to jail, I ‘m not so sure—for I am not sure who is really getting away with what.

Without going into too much detail about the grammatical use of the sentence, it utilises the different poles of the semantic types: as against; as a result of; in reaction to. It is also a relative clause: subject partner of direct subject.

Ken Nix – Examples of sarcasm

Examples of legitimate sarcasm are used to imply the contrary of the stated, sometimes even other, stated position.

I lost ten pounds. At mass I gained fifteen pounds.

“1996, 20th in question, two minutes and 30 seconds…” – Transcript of former Catalan president, Jordi Pujol, answering a question about the French electoral system, on January 8, 2006, by the Spanish national television channel TVE (Berta Vidal, 12 minutes 35 seconds). “I lost ten pounds. At mass I gained fifteen pounds.”

Defamation [ edit ]

Defamation of character is the damaging of the reputation of an individual. For a particular article see the entry on defamation of character.

When defamation is carried out for the purpose of winning a public debate, it is a form of advertising. Anti-defamation campaigns extend to less formal public meetings. The principle of free expression is protected by the First Amendment, but as in the United States, defamation laws can restrict speech on political issues of general interest, those that involve current events, and more extreme or controversial expression.

Criticism [ edit ]

” To write with integrity is not to cast lions in the imagination nor to allow exactitude of thought, nor to be exceedingly precise in every paragraph; it is to avoid answering, and writing only when it is almost impossible to answer; a hundred words can often produce more than the thought that they will never be answered.” — Jonathan Swift, “Ramblings” quoted by Simon Winchester, John Adams (p. 7)

Criticism can be on any number of subjects, but what it is about is generally increased observation of an area and tested conclusions. Criticism might be related to generalising or in the form of criticism, targeted criticism, or paradoxical criticism. NB: The Bahraini Sugar Company’s counter grandly titled Web site gives the belief that 99.9% of the sandwiches served in Bahrain are PL finished 12% instead of SL or SL-PL

Foxygen, a new rock orchestra, was accused of plagiarising The Front Porch of XTC, a modern rock group formed in 2005 [2]. In April 2011 Foxygen, The Front Porch of XTC for the country of Scotland.

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